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Table of Contents

Part I Foundation and Mindset for Business Model Innovation

  • Chapter 1: Why Do Business Models Matter? The “What, How, Who, and Why” Framework for Understanding Any Business Model

  • Chapter 2: How Business Models Create Value in New Ways – Case Studies and Theory

  • Chapter 3: Adopting a Business Model Mindset – A Prerequisite for Transformative Innovation

  • Chapter 4: Business Model Innovation – A Fundamentally New Source of Innovation


Part II Strategic Design and Evaluation of Business Model Innovation

  • Chapter 5: Strategic Design of Innovative Business Models – How to Bring Design Thinking and Creativity to Your Business Model

  • Chapter 6: How to Design a New Business Model – A Dynamic Design Method

  • Chapter 7: How to Design a New Business Model – Methods Championed by Startup Entrepreneurs

  • Chapter 8: Value Propositions – The NICE Framework for Measuring the Impact of the Business Model

  • Chapter 9: Evaluating Existing Business Models and Designing New Ones – Your Essential Toolkit


Part III Making Business Model Innovation Happen

  • Chapter 10: Implementing Business Model Innovation in Established Firms – Organizational Barriers and How to Overcome Them

  • Chapter 11: Implementing Business Model Innovation in New Ventures – Balancing the Prospects of Shooting for the Stars with the Risks That Can Sink the Ship

  • Chapter 12: Business Model Innovation Strategy in the Digital Age – What Does It Mean for You?

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