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Praise for Business Model Innovation Strategy

Grounded in decades of rigorous research, Amit and Zott provide THE definitive guide to innovating a winning business model. Brimming with timely illustrations, the authors use the latest in “design thinking” to apply their crisp ideas to real-life situations. Perfect for the boardroom or the classroom!

Kathleen M. Eisenhardt, Stanford W. Ascherman M.D. Professor, Professor of Strategy, and coauthor of Simple Rules, School of Engineering, Stanford University

Amit and Zott give us a timely and important road map for dealing with the two intense challenges that we face as we climb out of the pandemic: surviving the shock and building a better future.  The book clears the fog on finding a way forward through business model innovation, engaging the right partners, and making astute commitments – all while keeping the lights on.

Anita McGahan, University Professor, George E. Connell Chair in Organizations and Society, and Professor of Strategic Management. Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

A business model is a core element of every entrepreneur’s and senior manager’s strategy. Amit and Zott’s book is an up-to-date, comprehensive, insightful, and action-oriented manuscript on business model innovation strategy. Anchored in decades of research, filled with illustrations from around the world, and containing tools to help with formulating and implementing strategy for business model innovation, it is a valuable guide for practitioners and a teaching resource for faculty and students.

Garth Saloner, Botha-Chan Professor of Economics, Dean, Stanford Graduate School of Business (2009–2016), Stanford University

At last an excellent book on business model innovation…the crucial step that technology wizards often get wrong.

David J. Teece, Thomas W. Tusher Professor in Global Business, Walter A. Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley

Blockbuster Video. Borders Books. Sears. Yahoo. Encyclopedia Britannica. These were household names that were killed by innovative business models (that leveraged disruptive technologies). In their new book, Professors Amit and Zott provide entrepreneurs with actionable and hands-on frameworks to help founders build and implement innovative, robust, and disruptive business models.

Josh Kopelman, Founding General Partner, First Round Capital; Founder,; Co-Founder Infonautics Corporation

The rapidly changing world demands constant innovation and necessitates persistent revision and adaptation of existing strategies. This rigorous and insightful book by Amit and Zott features concrete business model innovation strategy techniques that complement the traditional scope of how to conduct business – a topic every company must urgently address to sustain itself long term.

Dr. Johannes Sommerhäuser, Senior Vice President Innovation, Bosch Management Consulting; Robert Bosch, GmbH

Through a systematic approach with a structured framework and various case studies, the authors shed light on how to build and execute innovative business models in the real world. The broad coverage of this book offers fantastic practical knowledge whether you are an entrepreneur or an academic researcher.

Gang Yu, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of 111 Inc. Former corporate executive at Dell and Amazon

Two of the pioneers in thinking about business models have now produced an invaluable book that brings the latest research to business model innovation.  You will learn how business models can be innovated, and also why many times they are not.  This will be an essential reference for years to come. Every business manager should buy and read it now.

Henry Chesbrough, Professor at UC Berkeley-Haas, and author of Open Innovation

Finally we have a book on business models that is both conceptual and practical, and which fits exceptionally well in business strategy courses.  Amit and Zott have brought all the essential elements together in a way that provides a useful guidepost for entrepreneurs starting a new business as well as those seeking to innovate their business model within established companies.

Marvin Lieberman, Professor of Strategy; Harry and Elsa Kunin Chair in Business and Society; Senior Associate Dean, Anderson School of Management, University of California, Los Angeles

This is the go-to book on the art-and-science of designing and implementing innovative, scalable, and robust business models. Amit and Zott, the widely cited global thought leaders, offer a cutting edge, holistic understanding of what business models are, how to design them to create and capture value, and how to implement and modify them in light of changing business conditions. I highly recommend this book to business school professors, students, managers, and entrepreneurs.

Quy Huy, The Solvay Chaired Professor of Technological Innovation. INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France.

In this age of disruption, organizations of any size and from any sector will need to rethink their business model. Business Model Innovation Strategy is a thorough and academically-rigorous book that provides a roadmap on how to develop and then implement a new, innovative business model. It provides the theory as well as the tools and the thinking process to undertake this value-creating task and illustrates key ideas with practical examples. Amit and Zott have produced an essential guide for both start-up firms and large established firms on how to create value in the 21st century.

Costas Markides, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship; and the Robert P Bauman Chair in Strategic Leadership, London Business School.

As a business model innovation (BMI) consultant to many leading companies around the world, I realize the importance of anchoring my advice on actionable frameworks and tools that are based on rigorous state of the art research. Amit and Zott’s timely and pioneering book provides such a perspective and is therefore a must read for any manager.

Edward H.B. Giesen, IBM Global Business Services, Global Partner, European Growth Leader Digital Strategy/Global CBM Leader

This is essential reading and a practical handbook for entrepreneurs starting a new venture, or those charged with corporate innovation. A thoughtful, erudite, and fascinating read. I sincerely wish this book had been available when I started my first venture.

Steve Jackson, Co-Founder and Group COO, Xoomworks

Business model innovation has been central to my social entrepreneurship efforts in the last ten years. The authors’ profound insights into effective business model design and strategy explained in this book have been instrumental for the success of my projects, some of which serve millions of beneficiaries. I am thrilled to see the authors’ breakthrough thinking in action-oriented form in this book; thousands of entrepreneurs will benefit greatly from it, just as I have.

Gopala Krishnan, Founder and CEO, Inditech Technology Services Pvt Ltd.

Amit and Zott have written a must-read primer on business model innovation. If your objective is not only surviving the crisis but thriving in the “new normal” then you found the right source of inspiration.

Bruno Lea, Entrepreneur and President, Performer CNC, France

Based on a comprehensive set of cutting-edge research projects, Raffi Amit and Christoph Zott turn what was the black art of business model innovation into a pragmatic and reliable framework for the managerial toolbox. Their concepts will become the benchmark for strategy and innovation consulting, teaching, and research.

Dietmar Harhoff, Director, Max-Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, Germany; Honorary Professor, University of Munich

The business model construct has fundamentally changed how firms – small and large, young and established – create and appropriate value…and how they innovate! With Business Model Innovation Strategy, Raffi Amit and Chris Zott have created a book that strikes just the right balance: in a highly inspiring manner they combine action-oriented insights with thorough analysis of the primary factors shaping business model design and implementation. Let them be your expert guides on your business model innovation journey!

Marc Gruber, Chaired Professor of Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland


As a company in the process of digitalizing its business models, we are facing exceptionally challenging times. Based on our ambidextrous strategy, it is of utmost importance to adopt a comprehensive, holistic approach to our innovation activities. By offering scientific concepts and practical examples, this book is an essential guide for incumbent firms seeking to develop a successful business model innovation strategy.

Dr. Uwe Kirschner, Vice President Bosch Management Consulting, Partner Business Model Innovation

My team at Next47, a Siemens backed accelerator, is helping Siemens identify and create its next generation of high-growth businesses. Amit and Zott’s rigorous and insightful analysis provides invaluable guidance for the mission-critical business model innovation strategy that every market leading company must adopt.

Dr. Matthias Roth, Director at Next47, Siemens AG

I am a big fan of business model innovation. Done right, as we did at Dianping, it creates a much larger, sustainable, and defensible business that can have a huge impact on society at large. Amit and Zott’s groundbreaking book has a very practical orientation and is a must-read for every entrepreneur and manager.

Tao Zhang, Chairman, Internet Plus Holdings Ltd.  Founder, CEO and Chairman,

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